Alkyl benzene sulfonic acid is used as anionic surfactant in the formulation of many washing compounds.

The position of the alkyl benzene sulfonic acid as anionic surfactant is used in the formulation of many of the washing compounds. Alkyl benzene sulfonate as a surfactant, containing the anionic sulfonate and alkaline section. LABSA consists of sulfonate alkylated benzene. Alkyl benzene sulfonic acid is the most important and most consumable mineral in powder and liquid formulation.
This compound is used as a cleanser, foaming agent and removing stains in the formulation of more of the use of detergent compounds.


Description sulfonic acid
sulfonic acid (LABSA):90%, 96%, 97%
Chemical Formula sulfonic acid: R-C6H4-SO3H
Appearance sulfonic acid: Dark brown viscous liquid.


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